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A glass of wine and some classic rock are frequent companions in my kitchen

My name is Will, and I am a retired FAA Air Traffic Controller. I love to cook, and have amassed many recipes over the years, and started this blog as a way to share some of my favorites. I was raised in southern Virginia, with more of a focus on Brunswick Stew, barbeque, collard greens & hush puppies!  But…I also have a fondness for food  with a decidedly southwestern focus – green pork chili, tamales and such….  I have to warn you however, I don’t just post recipes…oh no, I also like to provide a bit of insight into my food philosophy, why I like certain products, my chefly recommendations, and so on.  So, you’re not just getting recipes, you’re getting much more…but not to worry, as I don’t post anything that I have not prepared and/or tasted personally.  With that firmly stated, that’s my guarantee to you that any recipe you prepare from this site is simply going to taste…good!

Pretty much every thing I know about cooking, I learned from my late wife, Barbara, who passed away in 2008. Sometimes I often wonder how I even survived before I met her.  As a young woman, long before we ever met, she had discovered that she didn’t know how to cook. Her idea to make spaghetti sauce by pouring a can of tomato soup over some noodles revealed the startling fact that food also needs to be edible as well as possessing at least a semblance of desirable taste. But she had the brain of an Einstein, chemist, scientist, all rolled into one, so coupled with the heart and determination of a fierce battle-worn warrior, she simply taught herself how to cook. By the time we met in 1978, she had already developed into a sort of “Chef de Cuisine, Master of Culinary Arts.”

I was always fascinated watching her prepare a meal or a dish. She rarely measured anything, just a pinch here, a dash there, a little of this, some of that and voila! A culinary masterpiece! And that’s the way she fed me for nearly 30 years. She was always after new recipes and ideas. I still have many untried recipes she had gathered from various sources, new things she just wanted to try. Slowly, I am getting through them, and some of them are posted on this blog.

Barbara Kathleen Cassada

Once about a year after we had met, she was making her now-famous, greatly modified, time-tested and very edible spaghetti sauce, but I insisted on watching her closely and taking note of the ingredients. Every time she made something, it was always good, but because she never measured anything, the same dish might have a slightly different caliber each time. Hey, whether it’s a .357mag or 9mm, it’s still a bullet. To this day, I still make that same sauce from her 1978 recipe. You can find it here: Barbara’s Bolognese Spaghetti Sauce.

I love cooking with natural ingredients, and I absolutely hate microwaves!  I much prefer cooking over real heat rather than nuking my food ’til it glows.  I don’t particularly care for most grocery store packaged foods, as I do believe the many chemicals and additives in processed foods, as well as the way they are grown and produced, are slowly killing America.  When I buy food products I am an avid “ingredient checker!”  I look for the least number of ingredients, and try to avoid any that contain harmful chemicals, or have so many that it takes a degree in chemistry or rocket science to understand what they are!  Most of the recipes that I know and love involve many painstaking hours of preparation, but I fervently believe the best food is prepared from scratch, and whenever possible, using locally grown produce.  For me, spending time chopping vegetables or other preparatory cooking tasks are actually therapy!

Here in Florida , we have any number of local produce merchants as well as farmer’s markets and U-pick fields.  I much prefer to buy from these sources than from the grocery store where all the stuff comes from a foreign country.  No thanks!

Please feel free to use any of the recipes you find on this site, and if you’ve a mind to, I would love your feedback. If you use a recipe from this blog  I only ask that your give credit to From My Kitchen To Your Kitchen, and provide a link back.  Some of the recipes here are originals…some are mine…some are Barbara’s…others are my version of well-known favorites, modified, adjusted and fine-tuned to satisfy my personal palate.  There is always source information and a link on each recipe if it is not my own.  So…pour yourself a glass of red, turn on the radio, and let’s chop some veggies!

Bon Appetit!





  1. I just stumbled on your blog, and I think it’s great – and I wanted to let you know that I always cook with the radio on, it’s the best way! (Quite often also with a glass of wine…)

    • Thanks Sarah! And thank you for visiting my blog. Hey, we need those internal as well as external influences to keep our creative juices flowing….:)

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