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Being a left-brained individual, I love to follow recipes but rarely create my own.  What I do however, is to discover recipes I like, give them my personal tweak, (known as “adapting a recipe”) and ergo…a new masterpiece!  Some of the recipes here are originals…some are mine…some are Barbara’s…others are my version of well-known favorites, modified, adjusted and fine-tuned to satisfy my personal palate. There is always source information and a link on each recipe if it is not my own.

The text and written narratives in all of my posted recipes are original and written by me. The photos used on this blog are photos that I have taken personally; there are few exceptions, some copyrighted ones, which are used by permission, and some others that have a “creative commons” copyright, but any of those types of photos are clearly marked as such.  If a photo is used on this blog which doesn’t have any such annotation, then the photo is one that I’ve taken personally.

Now…that having been said, I don’t have any issue with anyone using any of my photos on their own blogs, websites, etc., therefore I grant anyone the right to re-post any of my food photos on their own blog or website, as long as it is used in conjunction with a recipe post, and you attribute my work by linking back to my blog or recipe where the original photo is located. Using any of my photos without proper attribution is strictly prohibited!

Also, please feel free to re-post any of the recipes you find on this site, and if you’ve a mind to, I would love your feedback, comments, or suggestions. If you use a recipe from this blog  I only ask that you attribute (give credit to) From My Kitchen To Your Kitchen, and provide a link back.

So…pour yourself a glass of red, turn on the radio, and let’s chop some veggies!

FromMyKitchenToYourKitchen ©2012-2016 William Cassada